Blessing your home

The ancient art of blessing a home, also know as house healing or clearing is a wonderful way to cleanse your space.  Great for newly married couples,  even if they have lived together before marriage, it signifies a change in the relationship.  Wonderful way to welcome the arrival of a baby or celebrate blended families.  After purchasing a home or completing renovations, death or divorce.   It brings peace,   harmony  and changes the energy patterns.  Infusing you space with new Intentions and uplifting the spirits of all who live there and everyone who enters your sacred abode.  You can have a priest/minister like me, to do it for you.   Blessing  salt or holy water sprinkled with a cedar sprig and using anointing oil can be used on the windows and doors.   Special prayers are said as each room is entered. 

You can do it by yourself or with a circle of family and friends.  Using a white candle for purity or pink for love and carry it into each room along with incense, smudge stick or sweet grass.  Saying prayers or intentions, affirmations that are meaningful to you.  Such as – ” May this be a scared dwelling for my family and all who enter this home.  May each person feel peace and love.’   When your done, leave the candle burning for about 1  hour after wards.   

There are so many great versions of performing house blessing for different beliefs and religions.  Its a fun way to experiment cause there is no wrong way to do it. And can be done whenever you wish.