Why do we need them? I think rituals help make sense of our lives, define our beliefs and offer hope in times of uncertainty and to bring joy to celebrations.

The act of brewing coffee and the delicious aroma that invokes the senses with your first morning cup, can be considered a daily ritual. As is meditation and a daily walk to the park or buying flowers, just because for your table or alter.

I chatted with someone recently, in line at the grocery store who was holding a cake. I asked if it someone birthday? They replied-” I buy a cake every Friday to celebrate the weekend and it has to be on sale!”

How wonderful!” I replied

Rituals bring routines, structure, a sense of belonging and can creates peace and harmony in chaotic moments. It’s celebrates life’s most precious moments, births, weddings, graduations, baptisms, and funerals and yes even divorce!

Spring cleaning is a ritual for me. Clearing out the old and getting ready for a new season. Literally cleaning out cobwebs and smudging rooms. Spending less time inside and being able to enjoy time outdoors, so excited to see any evidence of new growth. Leaving something behind, for promise of something new.

Celebrations of life/funerals are ways to share our lives and and tell our stories with family and friends. To reminisce and grieve and to say good by. Rituals connect the past and present and a chance to make new memories.

Simple things like lighting candles for our loved ones in spirit, on the anniversary of their death.

Weddings are full of rituals. The ring exchange is ancient. The ring is a perfect circle, symbolizing eternity. The Handfasting ritual of wrapping cords around the couple hands, Binding their love through their hand to their hearts in a marriage union, is a lovely tradition.

All rituals, starts with our intention and purpose. Drumming, singing, dancing, bonfires and food celebrations, art and playing games, the options are endless. It is what you decide is meaningful. Be creative!


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