Letting Go

Sunday I attended a burning bowl ceremony. Well it was more like a burning bucket ritual. Many people wanted to participate from the very young to the elderly. A lovely, middle aged lady read a pointe paragraph from Mark Nepo’s – The book of Awakenings. She then lead us through a meditation exercise to calm and center ourselves.

Each person wrote what was important to them and then we placed the paper in the bucket. Several people sang as we watched our notes to the universe became ashes. It was beautiful and tender. I let out a deep sigh when the last of the flames died. I knew then, I had released something that I had been carrying for awhile. I felt lighter and truly full of light, I had finally let it go. I guess I was ready. The act of writing and purging is very healing. I think it’s why I like this kind of ritual.

As we end the year, we say goodbye and get ready for new beginnings.

As we begin a new year, remember to have fun, dream big, release what no longer serves you and laugh a lot!

Abundant Blessings for the coming year.


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